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All you need to know as a tour guide/travel agent (local experts)

What is Guiderr?

Guiderr is a startup company.

At Guiderr we are going to reinvent the way people travel.

Our vision is to empower local experts and travelers to work together!

With the help of our advanced technology this collaboration will be easy, professional and accurate.

So both of you will have the best trips ever.

How do you see the role of the local experts in creating and strengthening Guiderr?

We recognize the importance of making you, the local experts, our partners in creating Guiderr.

We are providing local experts with more than an online address.

Besides the fact that our smart technology helps match you with clients that are searching for your unique culture and experience,

we are also giving you a platform to manage your business in one easy online location.

How do you decide which local experts travelers will see?

Our smart technology matches the travelers with local experts and itineraries that correspond to their unique requests.

What reviews can you give me as a local expert to help me get clients?

We recommend creating a profile that is professional, personal and (importantly!) dynamic.

A site that has a lot of dynamic information, which can be created by adding new itineraries will not only look great,

but it will also present you as professional and dependable and will validate you as an expert in your field.

Search engines like Google will also more likely recognize your profile as legitimate.

And will help our system to know you and will cross-referencing between your knowledge and expertise to the needs of travelers.

In which countries is Guiderr active?

Guiderr is currently active in Israel, and now expanding to Japan, Canada and New York

In which countries does Guiderr plan to be active in the future?

Wherever there is the Internet connection, tourists and local experts! ;)

Can I get help from Guiderr team to build my website?

Definitely! We're here to help you launch your online presence.

Please contact us:

Do I need to pay to register as a local expert?

Gosh no! We wouldn’t expect that. You can register and create a website for free.

You can use your guiderr site as you would use a regular website.

Why do I have to create itineraries in my profile? Isn't it enough to fill the basic data?

You don’t have to add itineraries. However, we highly recommend you do.

1. Itineraries provide clients with a showcase of your skills, ideas and unique qualities.

Anyone can create a profile, but not everyone is a professional local expert with creative ideas and itineraries off the beaten track.

2. The more information we have about the better our system will get to know you and will cross-referencing between your knowledge and expertise to the needs of travelers.

3. The more materials you have the more online presence we can give you. Including social networking, SEO keywords, articles and other professional sites.

What is your vision business model?

We have 2 kinds of deals:

1. According to commission 10% from the order.

2. According to leads (especially for agencies) in a cost of 4$ per lead currently.

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